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Keggy barrels with the world's advanced technology

keggy barrels have high technical content. It is a beer and beverage distribution and retail system with the world's advanced level. It is jointly developed by powerful enterprises in Denmark, Germany and Luxembourg, and is recognized as the cutting-edge product of draft beer sales equipment in the world. Keggy barrels completely overcome the disadvantages of the traditional draught beer fan sales system that although manufacturers adopt different connectors for different connecting lines to solve this problem, and avoid a lot of cleaning and maintenance work of the beer machine and the trouble that it is difficult to control when putting wine. It can not only save manpower, but also save maintenance costs for users, which greatly facilitates beer retailers. Its appearance will play a positive role in promoting the development of draft beer industry as a provider of high-quality resin

ten characteristics of keggy barrels:

1. Each keggy barrel contains a stainless steel container, a carbon dioxide balance system and a set of wine dispensers with simple disassembly and easy cleaning, forming a set of exquisite draft beer sales system that is easy to operate and use

2. Keggy barrel body, shell, wine spear and carbon dioxide balance system are recognized as the world's advanced level, which can effectively prevent products from being counterfeited by others. The high-tech liquid carbon dioxide balance system is considered to be the "magic block" of keggy barrel. When using keggy bucket to take wine, foam will be controlled freely. Taking wine has become a pleasure and enjoyment, and it is no longer difficult to control foam when drinking wine like the previous draught machine

3. Keggy barrels adopt Danish micro MATI to realize the localization of high-end products as soon as possible; Optimize the industrial structure. The special flat sanitary wine spear provided by C company is easy to clean and ensures hygiene. After drinking, the seal is good again to ensure hygiene. After drinking, it has good sealing again to ensure the consistent quality of beer

4. Keggy barreled draft beer system is very scientific. It has its own carbon dioxide balance system, which can effectively isolate the liquor from oxygen. The freshness of the produced draft beer is high, which will not damage the nutritional components of the draft beer and maintain the original taste and flavor

5. Keggy bucket is beautiful in appearance, and the exterior decoration pattern can be designed by ourselves, which has good advertising effect

6. Mobile wine supply can be realized through trolleys, which completely overcomes the disadvantage that traditional beer must be installed and used in a fixed position

7. The keggy barrel has a capacity of 12.5 liters. Compared with the traditional 30 liter draft beer barrel, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, fast turnover, easier handling and easier stacking, and can make full use of the limited space

8. Keggy barrels can meet the needs of different consumers in any place. As keggy barrels are novel in style, small and exquisite, and have unique functions, fresh draft beer will be delivered to consumers whenever and wherever

9. Keggy barrels are good assistants for takeout in beer houses. At present, domestic beer houses have sprung up, but only relying on domestic sales is mediocre, which can not make the equipment operate at full capacity, and the equipment idle rate is high. Using keggy bucket takeout can greatly improve the utilization rate of equipment and expand the social awareness of beer production and distribution enterprises

10. Keggy barrels have high strength and can be used for more than 10 years. Keggy barrel can be used as the sub packaging of beer, which leads to the emergence of the hydraulic 4-ball experimental machine sales container system, which can also be used for the sub packaging and sales of aerated beverages

at present, keggy barrels have been launched in Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other cities, with good promotion effect, and have been welcomed by beer dealers and consumers

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