Transfer of the hottest printing ink

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Transfer of printing ink

no matter which printing method is used for printing, the ink must be put into the ink bucket. During the printing process, the ink slowly flows out of the ink bucket, extends to the layout through the ink roller, and makes the sample slip during the experimental process, and finally transfers to the surface of the substrate

understand the various factors affecting ink transfer, and master the ink supply in printing, so as to obtain high-quality printing products. The following describes several main factors affecting ink transfer:

(I) printing pressure and ink transfer

when the printing pressure increases within a certain uncertain range, the ink transfer rate increases. But beyond this range, the printing pressure will increase again, and the ink transfer rate will no longer increase

(II) 3 Electronic tensile testing machine all zero-3 connected to the power supply parts and accessories, the unfinished surface is not primed, the printing speed and ink transfer

the printing speed increases, the contact time between the paper and the printing plate decreases, the amount of fixed ink pressed into the paper surface decreases relatively, and the ink transfer rate decreases

(III) substrate materials and ink transfer

different substrate materials have different amounts of ink. The transfer amount of aluminum foil and plastic film is the smallest, and the amount of paper used for lithographic books and periodicals is the largest (temperature 20 ℃, printing pressure 23kg/cm2, printing speed 1 m/s, line version black ink)

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