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Robots: dealing with multi-size bulk food packaging

25 years ago, North America didn't even know that there was bulk food, but johnvince foods, a Canadian private company, invested a total of 600million yuan to seize the opportunity to provide customers with a variety of alternative foods at a lower cost. Buying bulk food will eventually become a more economical solution for customers and manufacturers. The success of the bulk food business model enabled johnvince foods to purchase the exclusive franchise of planters brand in Canada from hershey`s Canada. This acquisition made the successful johnvince foods even stronger. Now almost every Canadian food chain purchases food from the company

seek solutions for product diversification

with the development of business, johnvince foods decided to introduce the latest processing and packaging machines to process raw materials into bulk/packaged finished products. In 2003, the company purchased the top loading robot Paloma from doboy to package the products into various display boxes. Gerry Cellucci, assistant of doboy's local sales partner Alex E. Jones Assoc., cooperates with Tom copper, the operation manager of johnvince, to seek effective product processing solutions suitable for various packaging size requirements

top loading robots use vacuum cups to pick up nuts of any size and package them accurately into boxes of different sizes. Continuous product flow and flexible grouping mode are the two highlights of this multifunctional machine

cellucci said: "gentlemen's products include peanuts, walnuts, walnuts with shells and pepper and salt, smoked and open almonds, etc. many products are packaged in bags of 75, 100, 150, 160, 300 and 400 grams. With the help of doboy Paloma robot to introduce automation in the operation process, we can use economical and practical solutions to simplify the handling of these packages of different sizes. But the challenge is to find a solution that can handle 2.5 kg packaging." Johnvince foods now packs 2.5kg nuts by hand instead of Paloma

pack the products on the double pipe vertical forming/filling/sealing machine of gle packaging machine, which trian pushes the platen and the upper beam (upper jaw seat) upward, and transfer them to Paloma, the top loader. Put the products into containers of various sizes, from small cardboard display boxes to tall RSCS. The loaded containers are then sent to the manual loading/pallet stacking area

work together to solve problems

after evaluating the needs of the product line, doboy engineers designed a durable box transport belt, including equipment that can fold down while retaining the front wing of the box, further enhancing the handling performance of the top loader Paloma. This function enables Paloma to effectively load high boxes and control bags when in a fixed position. Another enhancement is to add the product bypass option, so that larger bags can pass directly without Paloma loading, wait for you to order, and then handle the packing manually. This allows products to be loaded into bags like small bags on vf/f/s machines, thereby improving equipment utilization

the double head picking/placing robot will put the shelled and pepper and salt peanuts, walnuts, walnuts, smoked and open almonds into cartons of different sizes and shapes

copper said, "johnvince foods has cooperated with doboy for more than a year, and we are very satisfied with Paloma's performance and service level. Therefore, we purchased the second Paloma." In 2004, johnvince foods installed the second top loader Paloma and the new high-speed triangle head vf/f/s machine

facts have proved that the introduction of unique Paloma is a successful investment, which not only improves the operation efficiency, but also saves plant space by eliminating large-scale packaging isolation areas. Copping added, "doboy understands that we sometimes need manual packaging. They take time to really understand our operational needs and work with us. The spirit of cooperation creates a great partnership."

information source: packagingdigest China

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