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Robin Lee wants to help Unicom get intelligent customer service. May it be Xiaodu

after you have crossed the voice service for countless times and pressed the soft keyboard for countless times, you are told that there are a large number of people serving there. Please wait patiently. Are you particularly collapsed

whenever the customer service personnel have meals, or when a large group of people struggle to change packages at the end of the month, it seems that the customer service of the operator will never be able to enter the manual service, and it feels that life is wasted in the RBT waiting for customer service? Sometimes I want to use traffic, but I don't know which package to choose, and I don't want to see a lot of package introductions of China Mobile Unicom. At this time, would you like to have a super smart robot secretary who is clear about all businesses and knows his own communication habits to help deal with it

Robin Lee said that the cooperation between Baidu and Unicom may achieve the above scenario

at the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Baidu and China Unicom today, Robin Lee, CEO of Baidu, shared his views on AI assisted communication services in his speech, and described the possibility that AI can help you deal with communication affairs. Robin Lee said that the future of AI recharging and changing packages for us may have been vaguely visible

many user questions accepted by Unicom customer service center are relatively easy to be understood by computers. He told everyone that the accuracy of speech recognition has reached 97% in non noise environment, which is higher than the recognition ability of normal people. When these technologies are deeply rooted in various telecom service scenarios used in market segments and applied to many new service environments, they will produce unexpected but very expected results for all of us

at the previous Baidu World Conference, Robin Lee mentioned in his speech that speech is the most mature part of the development of artificial intelligence today, one of which is speech recognition. At that time, Robin Lee also demonstrated one of the application scenarios of speech recognition: sales

he said that efforts should be made to develop plastic granulator technology that utilizes renewable energy and industrial waste heat, and salespersons need long-term training to take up their posts. But through Baidu's speech recognition ability, a new salesperson may master the best sales ability he has obtained on his first day of work: when a new salesperson calls a potential customer, baidu brain recognizes the customer's problems in real time, and displays them on the sales computer screen. At the same time, it puts the best CEO of Bayer materials technology Don Peide, covestro's CEO designate, said: "Covestro represents a new and ambitious vision of an innovation driven polymer company and the answers of wonderful future sales. In this way, new sales can basically be read according to the screen, and can reach the level of the best sales script.

today, China Unicom and Baidu signed a strategic cooperation agreement this afternoon. China Unicom will conduct in-depth cooperation with Baidu in Baidu, Baidu nuomi, baidu map, Duer and other projects, The next stage of cooperation will be artificial intelligence

Robin Lee said that the Internet has entered the era of artificial intelligence. The capabilities brought by artificial intelligence technologies such as speech recognition, image recognition, natural language understanding, and user portrait will open a new space for every industry

according to the agreement, the two sides will give full play to their advantageous resources in their respective fields and carry out in-depth cooperation in mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, basic communication services and other fields by means of resource replacement, technology complementarity, achievement sharing and so on

Unicom will conduct in-depth cooperation with Baidu in projects such as Baidu, Baidu nuomi, baidu map, Duer, etc. with 72% energy rebound per pound. At the same time, Unicom will provide Baidu with IDC, ICT, terminal customization, channels and other comprehensive communication services and resource support

when Unicom announced the implementation of the mixed reform on October 8, the industry had guessed that Unicom's companies might cooperate with internet giants. Earlier, in August 2014, the senior management of China Unicom said that China Unicom was thinking and exploring mixed ownership, and may promote the reform of mixed ownership in innovative business areas and value-added business areas

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