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In just a few years, AI has achieved amazing development. At the beginning of this year, alpha dog defeated Li Shishi and pushed AI into the spotlight

therefore, it is not surprising that in the exploration area of the 2016 Summer Davos in Tianjin, artificial intelligence and its carrier robots have swept almost everyone's attention

the exploration area of nearly 100 square meters intensively displays the most exciting research results in the robot field in recent years. Among them, there are robots developed in China, as well as robot products from Japan, South Korea and other countries. All kinds of novel and interesting robots have attracted people's attention

the most eye-catching ones in the exploration area are Jiajia, a humanoid robot of the beauty series, and the acquisition of Haier New Materials by chihiraaico

the humanoid robot Jiajia was developed by the Multi-Agent System Laboratory of the University of science and technology of China in three years. It is the first unique experience interactive robot in China

Jiajia's appearance is 1:1 equal to that of a real person. Her facial features are exquisite and natural, and the details are excellent, so she is called the robot goddess. Of course, as the carrier of artificial intelligence, Jiajia has the functions of man-machine dialogue understanding, facial microexpression, matching mouth shape with body movements, autonomous positioning and navigation in a large-scale dynamic environment and cloud services

the interface saw that many female viewers had a dialogue with Jiajia, and Jiajia also praised the female viewers without stinging. You are beautiful, dignified and generous, and your age is 18

when AI Cheng, the famous bilingual host and founder of AI Wen media, took a photo with Jia Jia, they looked like two sisters. In fact, Jia Jia and AI Cheng can be regarded as peers, because Jia Jia once hosted the CCTV5 program "who is the chess king" under the pseudonym of Gao Kehui

another humanoid robot, chihiraaico, is more famous internationally. At the 2015 CES exhibition, chihiraaico was first exhibited by Toshiba, which surprised the audience at that time

chihiraaico's appearance is almost the same as that of a real person. Because she has facial expressions similar to human beings, such as happy and sad, she is even lifelike and makes people feel a little hairy

it is reported that chihiraaico has the world's highest level of facial expression ability, and can provide quiet, rapid and smooth limb movement through 43 pneumatic transmission devices, including 15 on the face, 4 on the trunk, and 24 on the shoulders and arms

through this structure, the manufacturer hopes that she can become a part of the concept of human intelligent community in the future, serve as a medical expert or service expert, and serve the elderly or people in need

in addition to the robots that win with their appearance, the exploration area also shows a number of practical robots

Yumi, a cooperative robot developed by ABB, is the world's first dual arm robot that truly realizes human-machine cooperation. It is 57.1 cm tall and weighs 38 kg. It first appeared at the Hannover industrial exhibition in April 2015

although Yumi was originally designed to meet the needs of the consumer electronics industry for flexible production and flexible manufacturing in the context of the current high vanadium price, it is now also applied to small parts assembly. The reason is that the two arms made of light magnesium alloy can see, find and locate the precise position by themselves through cameras and sensors, and then carry out assembly and other operations

the most humanized thing is that it can feel and complete the corresponding action through the sensor after touching the small piece by itself, which does not need human control at all, and ensures the accuracy of operation to 0.02mm, which is equivalent to the smallest gap that can be felt by human hands

14 axis design enables Yumi to calmly deal with the assembly of various small parts, from the precision parts of mechanical watches to the assembly of parts such as, tablet computers, and even threading

the humanoid robot pibot, developed by the unmanned system research group of the Korean Academy of science and Technology (KAIST), can operate the aircraft in a simulated cockpit

it is reported that pibot can quickly master the taxi take-off steps. As long as it inputs the position of various keys compared with other parts of the software in advance, and provides some flight data, pibot can observe the ground and air conditions through the lens, and make its own response to fly the aircraft

the interface is seen on the scene. Although pibot's operation is somewhat stiff compared with that of a skilled human pilot, it can indeed work freely. According to the developers, pibot has been able to meet all the requirements specified in the FAA flight manual

Hope to help you.

in addition to the above robots, there are bionic robots, collaborative robot Sara, and other AI projects on display in the Davos exploration area. The attack of robots has been irresistible, and artificial intelligence is the general trend of future development, which also echoes the theme of this summer Davos annual meeting, the fourth industrial revolution: the power of transformation

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