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Robam/seize the beneficial opportunity that biomaterial science and engineering are undergoing revolutionary changes. Boss 67x2+9b17 high suction range hood gas stove evaluation is good to use. Feel

boss range hood new recommendation: robam/boss 67x2+9b17 high suction range hood gas stove set set set top suction type. How about the performance and good of this boss 67x2+9b17? Let's see the configuration characteristics and user comments

robam/boss 67x2+9b17 high suction range hood configuration features:

create a healthy kitchen 19m3 one click stir fry high suction range hood

Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. provides a five-year warranty of about 40 liters of range hood based on the principle of product quality, a five-year warranty of motor maintenance for 10 years

3D fire technology, 3D fire, uniform heating The kind is more delicious

robam/boss 67x2+9b17 high suction range hood user evaluation:

first use experience: the gas stove is temporarily measured, and the national joint insurance is played. The installer is very careful. The smoke machine is tested according to the current business framework. The wind is high and the volume is low, and my mother is very satisfied

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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Robam/boss 67x2+9b17 high suction range hood detailed specification parameters:

boss smoke range elimination set model: 67x2+9b17

intelligent type: Alibaba Xiaozhi

range hood model: 67x2

range hood exhaust volume: 18 cubic meters/minute

Color Classification: Black

fuel type: natural gas liquefaction control of gas

range hood Panel material: tempered glass

gas stove structure: embedded

smoke machine installation position: top suction

local service: local door-to-door installation

after sales service: national joint insurance

smoke stove consumer kit category: smoke stove combination

range hood category: European style

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