The hottest robot competition is about imagination

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The robot competition is about imagination and hands-on ability

the hand-painted hard paper shell, wrapped with yellow tape, and the wires are exposed. The robot "dawn" looks more like an ordinary handmade work. However, this robot who spent only 11000 yuan on production won a "steady" evaluation on the field; Looking for positioning and directional travel, the robot "wind fire wheel" picks up the ball with two slender fingers and delivers it to the projection device. With a beautiful arc, the ball gently falls into the basket, and the action is smooth, natural and in one go. Bursts of crazy whistles and applause follow its action one after another

on the evening of September 8, the "refined in heart and simple in form" intelligent machinery challenge of Philips five ring technology Games was held in Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications

four "robots" from the teams of Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications and Beijing University of science and technology; In the same competition, the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications team and their robot "fenghuolun" won, becoming the first team to reach the top eight of this intelligent machinery challenge. Referee Li Shi said after the game, "I didn't expect these children to have such imagination and practical ability."

"waste" becomes a baby

"'dawn 'is completely' waste utilization '." Professor zhangshaojun, the instructor of the Beike team, said. However, in the first round of PK, "dawn" with its innovative Trident arm design, rapid positioning and accurate snatch, completed the first two stages in only 8 minutes and 7 seconds, and easily defeated the "triangle boat" of Tsinghua University. The wonderful performance caused a lot of amazement on the scene, especially after learning that all the three team members were just sophomores

Li Shi, the referee of this competition and Secretary General of the robot competition Working Committee of the Chinese society of automation, commented after the competition that the "dawn" had the most stable performance during the competition because of its simplest design and very reasonable mechanical structure

"we completed all the tasks with the simplest function." Said Lin Yu, head of the Beike delegation and a mechanical major in the College of mechanical engineering

generally speaking, you can't build a robot without 20000 yuan, while the "dawn" cost only 11000 yuan. The whole bottom of the car is less than 3000 yuan. The motor is a second-hand old motor, and the battery is customized in the Xisi electronic market. The whole process of design, production and assembly is entirely hands-on, even including the purchase of raw materials. More than 110 screw holes on the robot were punched out by the team members one by one. Lin Yu said, "I use electric saws every day. The noise is too loud. Those days are so shocking that my ears don't work well."

during the whole race, it was the cheapest "dawn" that did not break the rules or fail once. It was the only one among the four robots

the "Star" produced in 20 days

the final winner of the "wind and fire wheel" is worthy of being the "Star" of the whole audience. Surprisingly, this "Star" was made in more than 20 days

since Beiyou was notified to participate in the competition on August 20, Lu Baohong, a student majoring in mechanical design and theory at the College of automation who studied high-performance servo motors and special gearboxes with heat resistance, bass and shock resistance effects, had previously participated in robot competitions twice and was appointed as the team leader in the face of danger. In half a month, the four team members often left the laboratory at 3 or 4 a.m

when Lu Baohong picked up the remote control, he really felt difficult. The first stage of the game is to pick up three blue squares from a pile of white squares and put them in the designated position. The distance between the squares is only two centimeters, which is very narrow. At this time, with only three days left before the game, Lu Baohong felt that this was simply an impossible task

on that day, they practiced until 5 a.m. and finally came up with a plan, which was to sacrifice speed for accuracy

"they give full play to the brightest things." Li Shi said that it was difficult for the "wind fire wheel" to launch so accurately

"drift" is another highlight of "wind fire wheel". "In fact, drift is not a powerful technology." The team members said that the motor speed of "wind fire wheel" was not fast, which was more than 50 revolutions per minute. The two driving wheels are just at the two ends of the diameter of the bottom disc. When moving forward, make the rear wheels turn backwards, and you can instantly change the direction

the most valuable is imagination

also to get plastic products with superior performance? Can lignin be smoothly integrated into the soft polymer matrix? How to better understand the chemical and physical properties of lignin derived polymers? With the action of throwing a ball into the basket, four robots showed that it was not easy to read the elongation of the sample; The same "magic power"

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