The hottest robot can do surgery. What else is art

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Can robots operate? From 2016 to 2017: Recently, the General Hospital of the people's Liberation Army region used robots to perform an operation for AIDS patients. The robot removed the pancreaticoduodenum of AIDS patients, and the operation was very successful

recently, the General Hospital of the people's Liberation Army region used a robot to perform an operation for patients with AIDS, which was mainly composed of a cylinder, a shelf, a sealing cover, a gearbox, an electromechanical device, a hopper, a counter and other components. The robot removed the pancreaticoduodenum of patients with AIDS, and the operation was very successful. This news surprised the majority of friends. While shouting 666, they also began to imagine that robots can do surgery now. Does it mean that the era of artificial intelligence is about to open

AIDS is a highly harmful infectious disease caused by infection with AIDS virus (HIV). Although many medical researchers all over the world have made great efforts, they have not yet developed specific drugs to eradicate AIDS, and there is no effective vaccine for prevention

in previous operations, doctors have direct contact with patients, which has a higher risk of infection with AIDS virus. The celiac robot can remotely control the precise manipulator and lens to complete the operation, greatly reducing the doctor's contact with polluted blood, body fluids and aerosols, and avoiding virus infection

robots have invaded all aspects of people's lives. They are omnipotent and even play a more important role than human beings. The income of traditional occupations that are difficult to be replaced by robots will be higher and higher, and people's demand for the service industry will be greater and greater. In the past, it was enough to watch a movie every week, and in the future, it may be necessary to watch a movie every day, which will create a lot of new market demand and jobs. More people will come out of the manufacturing industry and join the service industry, and the employment of the whole society will not necessarily decrease

in 2016, bakerhosteller, one of the largest law firms in the United States, "hired" robot lawyer Ross to help deal with a bankruptcy case. Ross runs IBM Watson technology, which can help lawyers speed up the study of cases. Tasks that used to take several hours for several assistants to handle now only take a small part of the time for one assistant

in addition, robots also serve as actors, jockeys, porters, bartenders, pharmacists, waiters, soldiers and other different types of work. You can't even imagine that AI has developed to this stage. It is expected that its total market demand in the future is expected to reach 13.26 million tons. Some people worry that the rapid development of robots will seriously affect employment. In fact, the most important thing to worry about is not how many occupations robots will replace people, but the boundary of artificial intelligence. If the intelligence level of robots exceeds that of human beings, it will be an unimaginable world - this is what many scientists have warned people repeatedly. Therefore, where the boundary of artificial intelligence should be is no longer a technical issue, but an ethical issue that all mankind must seriously consider

Li Kaifu believes that AI will go through three stages in the next decade: the first stage is that all big data will be developed and utilized, and companies that use it well will make huge profits; In the second stage, we will collect a lot of new data through many devices, such as new sensors, smart appliances, wearable devices and so on. We will gradually know everyone's physical condition, temperature, blood pressure, the temperature of the house, the outdoor PM2.5 index, intelligent transportation, intelligent home, intelligent wear, intelligent health, etc. will be newly applied; At the third stage, the machine can not only process a steady stream of new data, but also improve the quality of parts for people to use as labor. At that time, mankind began to enter the era of automation

however, the development of artificial intelligence also has several limitations: first, it requires a particularly large data base. At present, scientists will also start to invent some methods to make less data play a greater role, but in the final analysis, it requires a huge amount of data; Second, the current AI is generally used in single field, and the ability of cross field needs to be improved; Third, the current barriers to this technology are relatively high, which needs to be broken and more open

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