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Robin Lee: AI turns from "dazzle" to "reality"

Shanghai Securities News China Securities News (Wenting) on August 26, 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo opened in Chongqing. Robin Lee, the founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, put forward three suggestions for the development of artificial intelligence in China, including focusing on safety and efficiency, accelerating infrastructure construction, and making full use of open source and open platforms

Robin Lee pointed out that in the past year, AI has changed from the cool effects that everyone likes to talk about into a social consensus and a national strategy. What we need to do is to solidly promote the penetration of artificial intelligence in various industrial fields, help various fields and industries improve efficiency and enhance people's feelings

he suggested that to solidly promote the implementation of artificial intelligence, the first is to pay attention to safety and efficiency. This is very obvious in the field of driverless. Why do we reduce the speed now to ensure safety. Why do we think that low-speed L4 will be implemented before high-speed L3? Also from the perspective of safety. We should also consider the cost. When can the cost of sensors in self driving cars be reduced to more economical and cost-effective than using people to drive. We also pay attention to all kinds of AI chips, I 6 Try not to waste or sundries near the power pipeline. People often see that the AI chip's annual output of 20000 tons of lithium carbonate production line of Shandong Ruifu lithium industry was put into trial in the second half of 2017. How many times did the productivity increase compared with the strongest computing power, but what about its power consumption? Can it be produced in batches and at controllable costs? We say that artificial intelligence will awaken all things, so every household appliance should have a speech recognition chip. Can this chip meet our green and energy-saving standards? This is what we need to pay attention to. He said

the second suggestion put forward by Robin Lee is to speed up infrastructure construction. He said: in the field of autonomous driving, China and the United States also have considerable competition. The United States places more emphasis on single vehicle intelligence, so their specifications or relevant laws on road testing are more flexible. This analog signal is converted into digital signal through multiplexer and a/d conversion chip. But in China, we have the advantage of infrastructure. We can add a lot of equipment on the roadside to improve safety and efficiency

third, we should make full use of open source and open platforms, especially open source platforms. China has developed relatively late in this regard, but its role is very important in the development of artificial intelligence. Moreover, open source does not mean that everything is free. It is our own control. Many open source things are still in the hands of others. We should have a full understanding of this. Robin Lee said frankly

Robin Lee said that Baidu will focus on current projects and future opportunities. It can be said that the Chongqing municipal government, together with partners from all walks of life, will accelerate the development of industrial intelligence, promote the formulation of industry rules, promote innovative business models, promote the implementation of AI technology in all aspects of society and people's livelihood, and meet the new world of intelligence

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