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Current situation and application analysis of household laser printers

with the continuous development of printer segmentation trend, the low price of household printers has become an industry trend. Both laser machines and inkjet machines are vigorously entering the low-end student household printing market. Inkjet printers entered the household market relatively early, and have formed a certain reputation and influence in the market at present. Household laser printers have entered the household printing market, Judging from the current user demand, it is also something that many users have been waiting for for for a long time

the Lenovo home student laser printer recently launched by Lenovo for home users has attracted widespread attention in the printing industry. So at present, the best-selling fixture in the fixture industry is the manual fixture. The introduction of home student laser printer has developed a series of printing solutions for home student users. The content of the solution is not only the solution of hardware products, but also takes into account the needs of all kinds of personnel of home users, For example, student users, parents and so on, provide them with a complete set of printing services of hardware and services. In particular, the door-to-door service in 100 cities across the country is more attractive

current situation of demand for home printers

from the current demand for home printers, many home users are not particularly satisfied with the existing home printers, especially when users know more and more about printers, it is more and more rational for home users to choose and buy printers. Especially in the existing printing applications for home users, many users have begun to summarize and understand their printing application needs. Therefore, when purchasing home printers again in the later stage, there will be a great difference from the previous standards

for example, I saw in the office forum some time ago that a friend complained that the domestic inkjet printer had a plug problem due to its long idle time. Using the inkjet printer software cleaning function, not only consumed a lot of ink, but the printing effect was still not very ideal after cleaning; In addition, some friends complained that the ink cartridge of the household inkjet printer is too expensive, the capacity of the ink cartridge is too small, and the ink will be gone before long, so it is easy to increase the cost burden in the later use. After the continuous ink supply system is modified, the consumables are cheap, but the stability of the machine is not guaranteed, and the machine maintenance is very troublesome after the machine has problems, so you need to take the machine to the dealer, In order to carry out inspection and maintenance, and also need to generate maintenance costs that are not easy to deviate from the linear elastic relationship before the crack expands

from the current situation of home users, the real needs of home printer users are becoming more and more clear. Many home users hope to buy a device that is very simple, can meet the daily printing needs, costs less, and has good stability. Among home users, the printing demand is very unstable, and some users may only occasionally have printing needs, Some users may only have printing needs in some periods of time, so the stability of home printers has become the focus of many users

new home printer

combined with the current rational consumption and application needs of home printers, Lenovo recently launched Lenovo home laser printers, focusing on the home and student printing market. The launch of Lenovo home laser printing not only provides new home printer products for home users, but also focuses on the needs of home users, and customizes a set of home printing solutions for home users

The direction of the radial force is through the meshing line of the gear

the personal hygiene products industry is continuing to look for diversified advanced material solutions. Lenovo's home student printer launched this time has made great improvements in the all-round performance of the product. For example, from simply focusing on the speed of the printer in the past, it has gradually begun to pay attention to the quality of the printer's output documents and the humanized function of the printer. Printers with lower cost, more environmental protection, more intelligence, more convenient operation and considerate after-sales service are more popular with users. Moreover, Lenovo's home student printer this time advocates three standards: high quality, low cost and good service, which save users money and worry

Lenovo lj1680 Home Edition adopts Lenovo 300MHz high-speed processor with 8MB memory, which can realize the standard 16ppm printing speed, and the paper output time of the first page is 8.5 seconds. These greatly shorten the time for users to wait for printing and improve work efficiency. In addition, Lenovo lj1680 home printer is designed with a series of easy-to-use one button functions, providing users with an intuitive printing experience. At the same time, Lenovo lj1680 home printer has two major features, that is, one key network printing and one key switching power saving mode. One touch printing configuration appears in the printer for the first time after Lenovo lj1680 home edition. This is a very practical function. If there is any information you want to obtain on the computer screen, it can be printed very easily

from the perspective of the market demand for home student printers, ordinary document printing is the mainstream demand of student users. According to our understanding, a student's annual printing volume is about 400 to 500 pages. Lenovo lj1680 adopts the design of drum powder integration, and the service life of selenium drum can reach 1500 pages under the standard coverage rate of 5%. In addition, by using an independent ink saving design, this product can also help users save toner by up to 30%. Therefore, the consumables of Lenovo lj1680 home student printer can almost meet the three-year printing demand of a student

summary: the learning laser printer launched by Lenovo this time provides a new choice for home learning users, and this new choice is the long-awaited demand of many users. For example, in terms of service, the door-to-door service in 100 cities across the country, and the stability of products is more guaranteed; In terms of cost, a standard capacity selenium drum can almost meet the printing volume of a student for three years, and the laser printer will not leak ink and plug, which also solves many parents' concerns about the printer

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