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Robots: composite robots lead the world

event 1: according to the company official: on June 19, Xinsong, with three innovative products independently developed -- light loaded composite robots (the first intelligent flexible 7-axis composite robot in China), industrial robots, and intelligent service robots, appeared at the 2018 Munich robot and automation technology trade fair in Germany, competing with global robot enterprises to show China's robot technology strength. (see the appendix for the picture)

Event 2: according to the company's official website: from July 4 to 7, the curtain of the 7th China International Robot Exhibition ciros2018 held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center is about to open, and Xinsong will make a magnificent appearance with six products, including snake arm robot, Jiale robot, composite robot and hospital goods delivery robot

Komatsu robot: new products shine in Munich, leading the development of products and technology in the robot industry.

Germany Munich robot Expo is the largest and most important robot and Automation Technology Expo in the world. At the Expo, the multi compound robot linkage technology of Xinsong robot (the first intelligent flexible 7-axis compound robot in China; the company's compound robot is the first to be successfully developed in the world and has been industrialized in batches. At present, this kind of product has been successfully exported to many countries) made a brilliant debut, and the dual arms of two vehicles work synchronously, which greatly expanded the application scenarios of the new robot and realized the re upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing mode. "New 5. Paper tensile testing machine: paper needs to test tensile strength, ring compression strength, vertical compression, horizontal compression, edge compression, peel strength and other intelligent manufacturing cloud platforms", "industrial robot ar control technology" and "Ai human-computer interaction technology", which once again prove the innovation strength of Chinese robot enterprises represented by Xinsong, and show the strong technical level and strength of Xinsong, Dare to appear on the same stage with world-class enterprises and march into internationalization

under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinsong robot is one of the manufacturers with the most complete robot product line in the world and the largest robot industrialization base in China. We believe that the company is a benchmark enterprise of China's industrial interconnection and will become a leading enterprise in the fields of industrial interconnection, artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent manufacturing

Xinsong robot: the joint-stock company expanded its acquisition of South Korea Xinsheng FA to create a new star in semiconductor equipment

in January 2018, the company announced that the joint-stock company Xinsong investment (holding 40% of the shares) planned to acquire 80% of the equity of South Korea Xinsheng fa company for 104 billion won (the influence of the exhibition climbed about 640million yuan year by year). At present, Xinsheng FA has completed the transfer of ownership. Its main business includes panel display automation equipment, semiconductor automation equipment, factory automation equipment. South Korea Xinsheng is famous in the field of semiconductors and panels, ranking in the top five in the world and South Korea in the top three. It is a representative enterprise with high influence in the industry

Xinsong robot: high order growth, capacity release, new product expansion, annual performance will accelerate

in the year, the company's advances received increased by 80%. We judge that the company's orders continue to grow at a high rate. At the end of 2017, the company's Shenyang phase III and Shanghai port industrial base were successively put into operation, gradually releasing production capacity. The company's staff has increased significantly to more than 4000 people. Last year, the per capita output was 600000 yuan, which has great room for improvement. Capacity has the potential to double revenue

robot industry: China is the largest market for robots in the world, and the demand for industry, services and special products is growing rapidly. According to the prediction of the international robot alliance, the sales volume of industrial robots in China will account for 40% of the world in 2020. With the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading and artificial substitution in China, the demand for robots is increasing day by day

investment suggestions: we expect the net profit attributable to the parent company of the company to be 5.9/7.8/1.02 billion yuan in, with a year-on-year increase of 35%/33%/30%. After years of efforts, the corresponding PE is 46/35/27 times. Maintain the "buy" universal testing machine stress process rating

risk tip: the expansion of semiconductor equipment field is lower than expected, and the industrial interconnection/intelligent manufacturing policy is lower than expected

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