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Ningbo Municipal Bureau of quality supervision spot checked 18 batches of wood furniture products, 1 batch

Ningbo Municipal Bureau of quality supervision spot checked 18 batches of wood furniture products, 1 batch

February 24, 2017

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wear reducing and wear-resisting parts, seals, insulating parts and medical device parts

according to the official of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision on February 21, in the fourth quarter of 2016, the Bureau conducted supervision and random inspection on wood furniture products produced in Ningbo, and inspected 18 batches of products from 18 enterprises in Yinzhou, Fenghua, Beilun, Cixi and other regions, and one batch was unqualified after inspection

according to the summary of supervision and random inspection results released this time, a batch of ab--s9 wood furniture (dining chairs) () produced by Ningbo Alte Furniture Co., Ltd. was found to be unqualified in terms of paint film (cigarette burning resistance)

summary table of supervision and random inspection results

consumption guide:

1. When purchasing furniture, consumers should pay attention to the product appearance identification and inspection report. At the same time, they should ask for the main materials and processes, indicate them in the valid credentials (invoices), and ask for instructions. "Furniture instruction manual" is an important accessory product that businesses must provide to consumers. National mandatory standard GB 5296 "Instructions for the use of consumer goods Part 6 furniture" stipulates that the furniture sold by merchants must be equipped with A. understanding of methods from theory to practice; Prepare instructions for use. The instructions for use of furniture should clearly state the purpose and applicable environment of the furniture, and indicate the release of formaldehyde, lead and other harmful substances or radioactive control indicators actually contained in the materials and coatings used, which are the basis for consumers to buy goods and protect their rights in the future

2. The national standard for wood furniture gb/t general technical conditions for wood furniture clearly and specifically defines "solid wood furniture", "wood-based panel furniture", "comprehensive wood furniture", "all solid wood furniture", "solid wood furniture" and "solid wood veneered furniture". When consumers buy furniture, they should pay special attention to it and ask what kind of furniture they buy. We must take it seriously, improve our awareness of self-protection, and prevent businesses from being ambiguous and muddling through

3. Smell is better than good. The quality can be distinguished by comparing the smell. Open the drawer or cabinet door and smell whether there is a pungent odor. If you can smell a strong pungent odor, it indicates that furniture formaldehyde or other volatile harmful substances may exceed the standard. For products with good quality, the limit of harmful substances is well controlled

4. Pay attention to furniture technology. Whether the furniture is firmly connected, whether the trimming is flat and smooth, and whether the end faces of visible parts at the lower openings of parts and components, door panels, drawer panels, etc. are edge sealed. The opening and closing parts should be used flexibly without jamming. 7.6 the hydraulic system should be carefully cleaned

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