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Spot check by Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau: one batch of Bowman washing machine faucet samples are unqualified

on December 27, 2019, the Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau announced the 2019 Shanghai faucet (for ordinary washing, washing machines, showers) product quality supervision and spot check results. This time, 20 batches of products were sampled, and one batch was unqualified after inspection

the following items were inspected in this supervision and random inspection according to the standard requirements of GB "ceramic chip sealing faucet" and GB "faucet water efficiency limit and water efficiency grade": thread accuracy, hydraulic resistance mechanical performance, sealing performance (valve core and upstream of valve core), sealing performance (downstream of valve core), sealing performance (transfer switch), sealing performance (cold and hot water partition wall), full computer data collection and motion control Flow, sensitivity, installation load resistance, service load resistance, surface corrosion resistance, flow uniformity( Δ F) Water efficiency grade and water efficiency limit test items of water nozzles

this spot check found that a batch of water nozzle samples of Bowman washing machine with the trademark (nominal) of "Bowman propal" were found to be unqualified in terms of surface corrosion resistance. The surface corrosion resistance is the assessment of the corrosion resistance of the water nozzle surface. If the water nozzle does not meet the standard requirements, it is easy to have a certain toughness. It will rust and block in a humid environment, which will affect Meiwei to make the test piece intuitive and service life in the process of experiment

Shanghai market supervision and administration 1 The Bureau said that the unqualified products found in this spot check will be handed over to the local market supervision department for handling according to law

2019 Shanghai faucet (for ordinary washing, washing machine and shower) product quality supervision and random inspection of unqualified products

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