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Lansys technology 3D curved glass has achieved mass production

lansys technology said on the panoramic interactive platform on Thursday that the company's 3D curved glass has achieved mass production at present

lansys' main business is the R & D, production and sales of window protective glass. Lansys technology faces the risk of declining market demand. On the one hand, as the global macro-economy is in a downward trend, consumer spending will be cut due to the decline of real income and the expectation of decline, and the demand side of consumer electronics may shrink; On the other hand, due to the continuous improvement of the quality, technology and design of consumer electronic products in recent years, and the extension of product life, consumers may postpone or cancel the renewal plan; In addition, as the gap between the products of major brands continues to narrow, the cost performance advantage of medium and low-end products will become more obvious. If leading brands fail to launch more innovative products to lead new consumption trends, the sales volume of medium and high-end products may be temporarily impacted

the company's main customers are medium and high-end consumer electronics brands. Affected by the above trends of consumer electronics products, if the company cannot timely adjust its customers and product structure according to industry changes and market demand, the company's product demand may decline

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