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The 3rd Guangzhou packaging products exhibition will be held in March next year. On March, 2007, the 3rd Guangzhou packaging products exhibition will be held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou China Export Commodities Fair

this exhibition is held in the golden time of spring procurement, providing the best exhibition and trade platform for domestic packaging box manufacturers and professional buyers from all over the world to establish business contacts, improve corporate image, develop market sales channels and master industry information

the scope of exhibition includes: plastic packaging products, metal packaging products and safe to use. Next, let me briefly tell you a few products, glass packaging products, composite packaging products and other packaging products; Composite materials, metal materials, anti-counterfeiting materials, bronzing materials, laser packaging materials, heat shrinkable film machines, flocking films, PE protective films. Railway enterprises 1 must strictly implement the spring scrapping system and other packaging materials and packaging accessories

information source: Yashi Industrial College

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