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The 39th stop of the large-scale theme communication action of CSCEC open day was held in Langfang CSCEC Machinery Co., Ltd. on November 1, a few days ago, the 39th stop of the large-scale theme communication action of "40 years of certificate building · journey of Chinese architectural miracle" CSCEC open day was held in Langfang CSCEC Machinery Co., Ltd

"we have just sent out the 100th tower crane of this year. As of mid October, our business division has achieved a year-on-year increase of 150% in the delivery volume." According to the person in charge of CSCEC machinery business. CSCEC machinery, as the representative of the construction machinery professional sector built by CSCEC Second Engineering Bureau, is also the only machinery manufacturing enterprise under CSCEC. However, just two years ago, its sustainable development was still a problem

It is understood that on June 3, 2016, Guan Qing, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of CSCEC group, came to CSCEC machinery for discussion and investigation, and identified it as the first demonstration site of Party Construction maker space in China's construction system, giving a vivid and high-level party lesson to front-line production workers

in the past two years, the performance of CSCEC machinery has increased strongly, and the momentum of high-quality development is rapid. The innovation achievements of CSCEC machinery are constantly emerging, and the number of invention patents obtained has increased by 80%. The production and operation has achieved a vigorous development with a year-on-year increase of 100.4% in the contract amount. The structural transformation of CSCEC machinery has created an example of industry development, and also provided a sample slice for observing the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises in recent years

over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's construction industrialization and intellectualization have been accelerating. With the continuous boost of the red engine, CSCEC machinery has quietly changed dramatically, effectively extending and enhancing the service capacity of the whole industrial chain and the full life cycle of construction products of CSCEC Second Engineering Bureau and even CSCEC group

Guan Qing, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of CSCEC, gave party lectures at the front line of CSCEC machinery production

in Djibouti port, 14000 kilometers away from China, the assembled box house used by peacekeeping forces was put into use; In Australia, qtd5522 tower crane first applied for and successfully passed the Australian tower crane registration, and obtained the tower crane design registration certificate; In Mauritius, the qtp7020 tower crane independently developed by CSCEC Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully completed the installation and acceptance of the St. Pierre cotovo comprehensive sports center project... In addition, in the early 1990s, the construction machinery market was dominated by "foreign brands". China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. is deeply touched by this change. Because they are both witnesses and participants in the development history of construction machinery for more than 60 years

in the face of strong competition, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau is neither afraid nor willing to fall behind. Instead, it has been committed to the optimization and upgrading of the construction machinery sector. In 1981, China Construction Second Engineering Group Co., Ltd. manufactured the first fully automatic concrete mixing plant in China with the largest number of cars in Germany, which improves the mobility of mechanical and electrical transmission media; In 1995, hzs40 double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixing plant won the third prize of national science and Technology Progress Award; In 2011, it concentrated its advantageous resources and reorganized and established Langfang Zhongjian Machinery Co., Ltd; In 2013, CSCEC machinery expanded the business of temporary box houses, established the box house business department and the Party branch, and took an important step in transformation and upgrading

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can you imagine? Draw an outline and put forward your space needs. Like building blocks and matchboxes, pull, plug and overlap. As soon as a week, houses, apartments, hotels and other favorite magical spaces can be built. This versatile box house product of CSCEC machinery has been in short supply. In the past four years, CSCEC machinery has realized the development of box house products from scratch, from existing to excellent, obtained 17 invention patents and 30 technical improvements, and successively developed more than 20 new products, such as kitchen boxes, hotel rooms, and sales boxes

why are box houses so popular? To put it bluntly, it's just two words, "fast" and "good". "Fast" refers to the modular building, which takes the container as the carrier, divides the building into several space modules, finely decorates and cleans in the factory, and transports it to the construction site like building blocks for rapid assembly; "Good" means that the box room can be customized to form a variety of space combinations. The widely used new building materials can also make houses more energy-saving, environmental friendly and healthier

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